At Two48 there is a passion for creating memories, a desire to share our work, and a dream of endless entertainment. There is a love for genuine people and a goal to never forget where we're from. We stand for many things but what we cherish the most is you.

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"Factory" Hoodie

Be drippy when you Bip (rip) like our buddy Jordan Keys! We picked our guy, Jordan, to showcase as our first collection, Keysus. We chose Mr. Keysus for how unique he is. Jordan does everything with purpose and never looks back. He's funny and on trend, always.

The hoodie in the photo is one of a kind and is our absolute favorite. Each one of us at Two48 wear this hoodie on a day to day basis. We named it "factory" to symbolize the uniqueness that our brand and Keysus himself carries. Much like teams in the professional world, except we offer you the same gear that we wear!

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